• 100% Polyester

    Our products are comprised of polyester, which is a sweat-resistant and moisture-wicking fabric.

  • Types of Collars

    We offer several types of collars for you to choose from. The four basic types are O-neck; V-neck; stand collar and polo collar with 3 buttons or 1/4 zippers.

  • Print Logo

    Check out our sublimated print logo service to customize the icon of your teams or groups.

  • Stitching Techniques

    Our products are double stitched seams, which is better for lightweight or stretch fabrics to keep the fabric from unraveling.

Personalized Designs For Your Team

What makes a team great? Not just their collective athletic prowess, but also a strong and unified team presence. In international premier leagues, team kits have become an integral aspect of a team’s image. Your team is special, so show that!

Experienced Designers

Our designers have extensive experience and offer one-on-one personal service to create a product that interprets the personality of your team or group. With Blaze, you design your own kit from start to finish- the days of picking from the same old non-customizable kits are over.


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